Special Upgrade Task

Coming Soon
To provide you with a more enriching experience, we have introduced a Special Upgrade Task system after reaching level LV3. Once you reach LV3, completing a Special Upgrade Task will be required for subsequent upgrades. These Special Upgrade Tasks will be displayed on your personal center page.
Importance of Completing Special Upgrade Tasks:
Completing Special Upgrade Tasks is essential for leveling up and gaining more experience. If you fail to complete a Special Upgrade Task, you will be unable to level up again and will no longer receive the necessary experience points for leveling. Only by successfully completing Special Upgrade Tasks can you continue to level up and earn experience points.
Maintaining Current Level:
If you do not complete a Special Upgrade Task, you will maintain your current level and no longer receive the experience points needed for leveling up. In this case, you can still participate in tasks, games, and activities that are suitable for your current level. However, you will need to complete the Special Upgrade Task to continue earning experience and proceed to the next level.
We hope you fully engage in the Special Upgrade Tasks, enjoy the experience, and achieve more accomplishments. Please keep an eye on your personal center page for the latest information on Special Upgrade Tasks and continue to participate in the various activities we provide.