1.Why didn't NewLland launch the token?

NFT is the first step of NewLand. After that, token sales will be gradually opened according to the roadmap, but please pay more attention to the ecology and use the functions.

2.Why can't we mint NFTs in she NewLand market freely ?

Newland is the official internal trading market, and only supports official or certified partners for trading.

3.What is the newland Specific marketing plan?

If you want to know more about it, please enter the official community, there will be a market plan announcement.

4.How to join NewLand and become a project volunteer?

About recruiting people, we are always looking for experienced moderators/ambassadors to manage our group and promote our project. If you think you are qualified for that, definitely send me a message, proposals are always welcomed!

5.What is NewLand‘s Email Address?


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