How to Use Points

  1. Redeem Points Rewards: Users can use NewLand points to redeem various points rewards, including vouchers, NFTs, and more. You can choose the rewards that align with your personal preferences and needs.

  2. Exchange for Points Reward Blind Boxes: By using points to exchange for points reward blind boxes, you will receive mysterious rewards and surprises. Each blind box holds unknown treasures, creating a sense of anticipation.

  3. Participate in Points Games: NewLand platform offers a variety of points games where users can use their points to participate and have a chance to win additional rewards. These games not only provide entertainment and enjoyment but also increase opportunities to earn points.

  4. Earn NLT Rewards: By actively participating in the above activities and utilizing points wisely, users also have the chance to earn NLT rewards, the valuable token of the NewLand platform. NLT rewards further enhance the benefits and participation opportunities within the NewLand platform.

Experience the excitement of NewLand points and engage in the thrilling activities of redemption, games, and earning NLT rewards!

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