How to Earn Points

  1. Complete Relevant Tasks: Users can earn points by successfully completing tasks that are related to NewLand. These tasks provide opportunities to accumulate points as rewards.

  2. Daily Check-In: By participating in the daily check-in feature, users can earn points simply by logging in to their NewLand account every day. Consistent check-ins lead to the gradual accumulation of points.

  3. Invite New Users to Register: By inviting new users to register on NewLand and ensuring they complete specific activities, users can earn additional points as a reward for successful referrals.

  4. Participate in Games for Rewards: Engaging in games offered on the NewLand platform allows users to earn points as rewards for their gaming achievements or victories.

  5. Draw Points Blind Boxes: Users also have the opportunity to earn points by drawing points blind boxes. Each blind box contains a different quantity of points, adding an element of surprise to the reward.

  6. Periodic Points Activities: NewLand organizes periodic points activities, providing users with additional opportunities to earn points.

  7. Points Wall Rewards: NewLand offers points wall rewards, where users can earn points by completing specific tasks displayed on the wall.

Please note that all these actions must comply with NewLand's eligibility criteria to receive the corresponding points rewards. NewLand points are reward-based and should not be confused with platform tokens. By actively participating in these activities and taking advantage of these opportunities, users can continuously accumulate points and enjoy greater benefits within the platform.

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