NewLand's KOL system is an advertising and marketing strategy that collaborates with influential key opinion leaders (KOLs) on social media to promote and drive brand awareness and sales. This strategy covers various regions worldwide, including Japan, South Korea, North America, South America, Turkey, and Southeast Asia. It utilizes multiple channels such as YouTube, Telegram, Twitter, and offline grassroots promotion to expand its influence. The KOL system comprises over 300 individuals, reaching over 15 million users.

On YouTube, NewLand collaborates with KOLs who have high subscription and viewership numbers. These KOLs provide video content, advertising placements, product reviews, and more to attract audience attention and promote the brand. Through these partnerships with YouTube KOLs, NewLand gains greater exposure and influence.

On Telegram and Twitter, NewLand establishes connections with KOLs who have a large following and collaborates with them to promote the brand. These KOLs can be industry experts, thought leaders, or individuals respected within their target audience. They effectively spread brand information to a large number of users through brand-related content, comments, recommendations, and retweets.

In addition to online social media platforms, NewLand expands its influence through offline grassroots promotion channels. It forms partnerships with local agents, distributors, and retailers, utilizing methods such as exhibitions, events, and cooperative promotions to reach a wider audience.

By building a global KOL system that covers multiple regions, NewLand can leverage the market characteristics and the influence of KOLs in different locations to promote the brand and attract more user attention. This strategy helps NewLand establish a strong brand image and increase product visibility in various markets.

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