NewLand provides users with an innovative platform that allows multiple accounts without the need for KYC verification. We believe that users in the Web3 world should have greater freedom and flexibility, and thus, NewLand allows users to have multiple accounts without the burden of cumbersome identity verification.

During the registration process, we offer email registration, but due to peak operation times, there may be occasional delays in receiving and verifying verification codes. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, but please rest assured that your account data and information are secure, even if there is a delay in receiving the verification code.

To better cater to user needs, we have implemented a leveling system. Through this system, users can access tasks of varying levels, providing a more enriching Web3 experience. At NewLand, you will engage in unique and exciting tasks, exploring the wonders of the Web3 world together with users of different levels.

To maintain fairness and activity within the community, we have introduced an energy system. This system restricts the frequency of interactions within a certain timeframe based on user behavior. If you desire more interaction opportunities, you can upgrade your level to unlock additional energy resources, enabling smoother and more engaging activities on the platform.

The implementation of NewLand's Anti-Bot System aims to ensure the healthy growth of the community and enhance user experiences. We continuously strive to improve and optimize the system to better meet user expectations and needs. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and support, and look forward to building a bright future in the Web3 world together.

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