"Newland, one-stop social task platform"
Welcome to Newland! Web3 is an industry full of opportunities and explosive, but Web3 still has a high threshold for new users. Even for industry veterans, how to find hot spots and find new opportunities is still a problem.
Newland is committed to providing a seamless user experience from web2 to Web3 and reducing the threshold for users to enter. Find and precipitate new star projects through task aggregation, integral incentive and market power. At the same time, it provides rich interactive ways such as games, pledges, lists and so on to enhance the depth of project interaction and let users and projects grow together.
Why choose us?
If you are interested in the Web3 industry, or you are a Web3 user.
1. Simple and barrier free account system.
For new users, one click can complete the registration and login of email and social accounts, and there is no threshold for earning points.
Complete novice tasks, create MPC wallet, and win more rewards such as NFT and token without keeping private keys and mnemonics.
2. Task aggregation to find the most complete items.
Newland not only has its own tasks, but also aggregates the most comprehensive tasks on the Web3 platform.
Let you have a platform to play Web3 easily.
3. Multiple incentives to earn while playing.
The dual incentive mode of points+token allows you to earn more.
Games, pledge, voting and other rich playing methods allow you to enlarge your income.
Newland will use 20% of the platform token for airdrop and 40% for long-term community incentives.
4. Social Ido enables contributors to become stakeholders.
User recognition is the only standard to measure the project. Use your social popularity to improve the project ranking.
Top projects can participate in platform Ido.
Users with early contributions have a higher weight to share the Ido share.
If you are a project or entrepreneur in the Web3 industry.
1. Incremental users, not just Web3 stock competition.
Unlike other Web3 task platforms where Web3 wallet is used as the login mode, Newland provides web2 login mode for new users
With the growth of user level, you can choose MPC wallet social login or Web3 wallet login.
Newland is committed to helping more web2 users enter Web3.
2. Points enable you to provide assistance for the tasks of the whole network.
Newland is not only a task platform, but also a network wide task aggregation platform. It provides more rewards for tasks through point incentive and point pool activities.
3. One stop interaction, from shallow to deep, users become your fans.
From social interaction tasks, to Knowledge Q&A, to games, pledge, voting and other activities, gradually deepen users' understanding of the project, build consensus and cultivate fans.
4. Social IDO identifies contributors and becomes builders.
Aggregate web2 and Web3 data. Every task and every forwarding is valuable. Early contributors have a higher weight to becom IDO participants and find diamond hands for your token.