NewLand introduces the innovative Centralized Points Retention System (CPRS), which enables users to convert their existing rewards into points. With the intelligent categorization and integration of user data based on their account levels, CPRS guides users to engage in tasks offered by project parties.

Within the NewLand platform, we offer a comprehensive suite of user growth solutions, including TaskFi, DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi, designed to assist projects in attracting targeted traffic.

The CPRS , integrated into the platform, utilizes a centralized account system that connects various elements such as levels, energy, and points through the use of points. By providing users with high-value returns and incentives, Newland ensures long-term user retention. The system is efficient, flexible, and user-friendly, with a low entry barrier, making it easy for Web2 users to securely transition into the Web3 space. It's important to note that this system differs from traditional blockchain tokens (Tokens).

With CPRS, NewLand empowers users to maximize their rewards, optimize their engagement, and participate actively in the NewLand ecosystem.

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